General Manager: Steven Radford


Hello humans, my name is Steven Radford, and I come in peace. I am a senior graphic design major and audio production minor. I am the General Manager of WNYO. I have been involved here since I was a freshman. Started as a DJ, now we're here. I have also been the Loud Rock Director and the Production Director in previous years. I am also a DJ on the Ozzie award-winning underground music show "Stage Dive Sunday." In my spare time, I love making music with my band Afterthoughts, going to concerts, and eating pizza. If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at sradford@oswego.edu.!

Sports Director: Josh Kay


Hey Guys! My name is Josh Kay and I am the Sports Director for WNYO. I am currently a junior studying broadcasting and mass com. with a minor in Athletic Coaching. I hail from the great city of Syracuse and am a die hard NY Yankees fan! I am the voice for Oswego State Basketball as well as a contributor for Mens Ice Hockey! We are doing a lot of awesome things in the sports department this year from radio shows to live sports and so much more. If you are interested in joining the sports team please do not hesitate to contact me! My door is always open! If you want a better look at what we do in sports, check out our website... www.wnyosports.com

E-mail: jkay@oswego.edu

Public Relations Director: Michael Tanzini


I am a senior broadcasting major from Endicott, NY, a small town just outside of Binghamton. In addition to being the Public Relations Director, I also produce and host my own sports talk show, "Talkin Sports", which won the 2013 Ozzie award for "Best Sports Talk Show." I am also a part of the Oswego State Hockey broadcast. Although I spend a lot of time with WNYO, I am also involved with other media organizations, WRVO an WTOP-10. You may see me around campus donning a Yankees cap, or giving tours for the Oswego Office of Admissions! Go Lakers!

Production Director: Dan Gervasi


Hello! My name is Dan Gervasi and I'll be the Production Director for the remainder of the 2013-2014 academic year. That means if you want to make a promo for your radio show/business/etc., I'm the guy you want to see. I'm a Broadcasting major from 'Lawn Guyland', NY. I listen to pop punk, punk, progressive metal and alternative. I love to ride my long board around and enjoy a good game of ultimate frisbee. I'm also a DJ here at WNYO! If there is anyway I can fulfill your production needs, or if there is anything I can help you with in anyway at all, please email me at dgervasi@oswego.edu.

Web Developer: Eian Prinsen


Hello everyone spending time to read this! Thank you for using our site, and thank you for being interested in reading about me (without you I wouldnt have a job) I am currently a freshman attending Oswego for Broadcasting. Ill be doing my best to keep this website updated and making it look good. As for me I am an actor, drummer, teacher, video game enthusiast. As for music tastes... That can jump all over the place from Big D and the Kids Table, to Johnny Cash, to Death Cab for Cutie. So anyone looking to play some music and video games (or if you have any serious questions too I guess) e-mail or text me.


(315) 283-6366

Business Director: Chenfan Xu


Hey, My name us Chenfan Xu, Business Director for the 2013-2014 year at WNYO. I am taking the 5-year MBA Accounting Program in SUNY Oswego. I am involved in several organizations on campus including Beta alpha phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Financial Management Association, and Accounting Society. You can contact me through email: cxu2@oswego.edu.

Programming Director: John Mongiello


My name is John Mongiello, and Im a Senior Broadcasting Major. My job here at WNYO is the Programming Director, meaning that I am in charge of the DJs and the schedule. You might also recognize me from my own WNYO show, 4 Guys in a Booth, which won the Ozzie for Best Talk Radio Show last year. Its on every Monday from 9PM-Midnight. Ive interned with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in New York City for the past two summers, so I know a lot about the industry and where its going. If you have any questions about WNYO, getting a show with us, or the radio industry in general, Im the man to talk to. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JohnMong845. Im a chill guy, so talk to me. Thats all I got!

Music Director: Gregory Giannantonio


Hi, Im Greg and Ill be your music director for this year. Im excited to get mail and listen to music. You can find me either in the darkroom, skipping rocks, eating pizza or all at once. I dig of Montreal, Belle & Sebastian, The National, anything 60s, 50s, or 40s, jazz, folk...etc. If ya wanna talk tunes just shoot me an e-mail (giannant@oswego.edu) and we can get groovy. Or stop by @ the office from 4-6pm on any Tuesday or Thursday!

Technical Director: Will Smithson


Hometown: Jordan, NY

Major: Broadcasting

Minor: Audio Production and Design

Favorite things to do: Cooking and marching drum and bugle corps.

Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Blues.

Sales Director: Alyssa Nowack


Hey there, my name is Alyssa and I am the Sales Director for WNYO. My job is to find local businesses who are interested in advertising with us so we can promote them as well as promote our wonderful station to the town of Oswego!

I love all kinds of music (except for country and dubstep, it scares me) but my favorite is Incubus. I also have a soft spot in my heart for otters.

If you are interested in gaining some experience in sales or would just like to talk about otters and other random things feel free to contact me.

Email: anowack@oswego.edu

Urban Music Director: Melissa King


Hey there!!! My name is Melissa King and Im the Urban Music Director at WNYO! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY! Im currently a double major in Information Science and Cognitive Science. Ive been a DJ here at WNYO since my freshman year. I love multiple genres of music but have a passion for R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Reggaeton. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can email me at mking2@oswego.edu

News Director: Shauna Brunea


Hello! Im Shauna Brunea! Im the News Director here at WNYO. Im a sophomore Broadcasting and Mass Communication major with an Audio Production minor. Along with being the News Director, I help host the Danger Zone. Enough with the technical stuff, Im from Buffalo (we have the best shows... ever) and Im an NPR junkie. I enjoy music, I own a cactus named after an astronaut, and Id like to work with audio until Im an old lady living in the mountains with my goat.